Clear Cache In Google Chrome

What is Browser Cache? Cache is a temporary storage in web-browser (Google Chrome, Firefox…) that stores data in order to load user's future requests for that data faster, so that the websites will load faster the next time users open it. Although this is a useful component, but for some cases, it might be trouble, such as for website developers who need to see the changes on their website, or after a long time, the large storage in hard disk is used making your computer run slowly.

How To Clear Cache in Google Chrome

Follow these steps to clear Google Chrome Cache.

  1. Open Google Chrome, click the Settings icon (three vertical dots in the top right).
    clear google chrome cache
  2. Hover the mouse to "History". Select "History". Or you can press Ctrl + H to open History page.
    clear google chrome cache 2
  3. Click "Clear browsing data" in the left panel.
    clear google chrome cache 3
  4. Select the "Time range" you need. If you want to clear all cache, select "All time".
  5. Tick "Cached images and files" (uncheck "Cookies and other site data" if you only want to clear cache).
    clear google chrome cache 4
  6. Click Clear Data

You can watch our video about "Clear Google Chrome Cache" for more detail:

clear google chrome cache video